Wip Map plotter


Users create an interactive and collective map through a connected drawing interface. The houses, the valleys, the roads of each one gradually generate a landscape which is displayed on two giant screens, until forming an unusual environment.

Wip Map creates links between the field of cartographic design and current technologies coming from Fablabs and the web. The physical installation consists of 2 elements:
– A sheet of paper on which a plotter (plotter opposite right) will come to wander and draw.
– An interface (type Ipad) from which the participant will be able to answer a series of questions not by words but by drawing. It is these drawn response fragments that will compose the map

Création : Chevalvert
Contributeurs : Stéphane Buellet, Pricilla Degardin, Arnaud Juracek, Mathieu Mohamad, Patrick Paleta, Julia Puyo Calvo

IMG_6074-RW.jpg DSC01001-RW.jpg DSC01007-RW.jpg IMG_6097-RW.jpg IMG_7395-RW.jpg IMG_7396-RW.jpg