Bassins de lumière


A spatial and time-based exploration of urban data.

Bassins de lumière is a device that allows to visualize sky maps and their dataset on an interactive light sculpture and on an interface. Launched by Stereolux in 2018 in the frame of the ARTEX call for projects, Bassins de Lumière is an art-science project, designed by Chevalvert studio and CRENAU (Research Center of Nantes in France) together. The purpose of this device is to create an artistic installation based on the use and representation of datas that researchers generate, handle and exploite.

Creation: Studio Chevalvert (contributeurs : Stéphane Buellet, Arnaud Juracek, Julia Puyo)
Production: Stereolux
Research center: AAU – CRENAU
Technical development: Hémisphère + Chevalvert
Original creation: ARTEX – Art, technologie, expérimentation

chevalvert-bassin-de-lumiere__4282.jpg chevalvert-bassin-de-lumiere__4130.jpg chevalvert-bassin-de-lumiere__4192.jpg chevalvert-bassin-de-lumiere__4108.jpg chevalvert_bassinsdelumiere_02.jpg chevalvert-bassinsdelumiere-interface-01.jpg chevalvert_bassinsdelumiere_03.jpg chevalvert-bassinsdelumiere-interface-02.jpg chevalvert_bassinsdelumiere_04.jpg chevalvert-bassinsdelumiere-interface-07.jpg chevalvert_bassinsdelumiere_05.jpg chevalvert-bassinsdelumiere-interface-04.jpg chevalvert_bassinsdelumiere_01.jpg