The studio

Chevalvert is a visual design studio co-founded by Patrick Paleta and Stéphane Buellet in 2007. Based on an open, multidisciplinary and cross approach of design, Chevalvert studio reaches et conceives projects without a priori, where the form serves the idea.

The realizations of the studio are shared between institutional, cultural and industrial orders and self-initiated projects. The knowledge and expertise of the studio bring a cross-perspective on the problematics approach and allows relevant and coherent answers in each area of graphic design.

The studio values equally each project. Regardless of its size, commitment and quality requirement remains the same. Throughout its various collaborations, Chevalvert has established a solid network of graphic, type and product designers, web developers and scenographers, all experts in their own fields.

Patrick Paleta

Artistic director / identity / typography / signalling / publishing department

Graduated from the Estienne School in type design and from the Paris Arts Décoratifs in publishing, Patrick specializes in the creation of visual identities and signalling systems. He conceived over fifty logos for the industry, cinema, fashion, design and publishing and imagined several character typographies, one of which is used by the city of Lyon’s public transportation.
He has been a member of the jury for the Art Jobs Diploma in typography at the Estienne School from 2010 to 2012 and teaches at the Art and Design School of Amiens.
He also co-founded the Typography Affairs Bureau (B.A.T.) for which he is in charge of communications development.
He was awarded “Best Typographer 2012” by the French graphic industry.
With the Attoma agency, he was rewarded during the IIID awards in the « Public Transport » category, and was awarded a star during the Design Observer 2012 for the information system of the public transportation of the city of Lyon.

Stéphane Buellet

Artistic director / Interactive designer / Digital design department

Graduated from the La Martinière de Lyon School in visual communication and having obtained a masters in graphic design conception and creation, Stéphane Buellet’s studies on “digital matter” earned him the jury’s special mention. He specialized in interactive design.
Since 2006, he’s been developing a design practice with relies on a creative use of code. His knowledge enables him to offer innovative tools and opensource.
Co-founder of Chevalvert, he is also a part of projects such as the Typographic Affairs Bureau, the Free Art Bureau, and the Lure International Meetings.
In 2012, he was a jury member for the Applied Arts Diploma at La Martinière-Diderot School.
He regularly writes articles on digital arts for the Gaîté lyrique’s online magazine.

Maxime Fittes

Graphic & type designer

After a diploma in visual communication and a masters in design, Maxime graduates from a masters in type design at the Estienne School in 2011. Currently, Maxime works on type design and graphic design. He joined Chevalvert in November 2011.

Camille Coquard

Studio Manager

Graduated from a masters in cultural communication and museology at the Sorbonne, Camille becomes an assistant at a contemporary art gallery in 2010, organizing exhibitions in the gallery as well as external projects, in charge of communication, press and public relations and sales. In September 2013, she becomes a member of Chevalvert as studio manager, overseeing coordination and overall projects, but also the communication and administrative tasks for the studio.

Vincent Desclaux

Editorial & graphic designer

Graduated from an Arts and Technology Bachelor in Marne-la-Vallée and the Maryse Eloy Art School (valedictorian for the end of the year project on cartography adapted to the city of Paris), Vincent Desclaux is a graphic designer specialized in print and web editorial design. In November 2012, he collaborates with the magazine étapes:, conceiving the new bimestrial layout. He joins Chevalvert in April 2013. He also teaches project communication to third year students in the architecture school of Marne-la-Vallée.

Julia Puyo

Interaction & installation designer

Graduated from the Fine Arts School at the Polytechnic university of Valencia (Spain), with a masters specialized in Arts and Technology, Julia designs communication tools (from web to multimedia installation) inspired by art and technological innovations so as to create tools adapted to the specific needs of every project. She joins Chevalvert in March 2013.