Tout se transforme

Invited by Catherine di Sciullo, curator at Le Signe, French National Center for graphic design, the Chevalvert studio carried out an exhibition of interactive installations after a creative residency at the center. Additionally, the whole layout of the exhibition, its visual identity and the communication materials were made by the studio.

"Like in a factory, raw materials, machines and gestures allow a transformational process in the exhibition area. In this context as if by magic, shapes and objects become music scores or evolving graphic display boards. Everyone can have his or her own experience with the 4 installations. Apps, books and sounds invite people to get immersed in resource areas, artworks can be played by several people at the same time using their bodies and voices. Each visitor becomes a conductor or a composer."

Catherine di Sciullo, curator.

Chaumont, France

Canopée Sonore
Pianographe (Florent and Romain Bodart)

identity, scenography, communication materials

Fakt Pro