Far Away

Far Away may look like a space exploration scene, materialized by 12 rotative Sentinels, which scan the ground searching for a sign, a movement or a resource. These Sentinels, that behave like scanners or gyroscopes, offer a cyclic, minimal and bewitching ballet to our curious eyes.

What are these sentinels looking for? How do they interact? What do they respond to? The presence of the public under the pieces seems to disturb their exploratory tasks… Halfway between a scientific study and a poetic choreography, the Far Away installation refers to the condition and isolation of the exploration robots (like Perseverance on Mars). This latest creation of Chevalvert is related to the way messages are transmitted into outer space, and to the man-machine interactions. It also refers to the question of presence of life here, as well as far away from here…

This installation will be shown during the Constellations festival in Metz 2021.

material: 12 cinetic and lighting totems
height: 320 cm